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Levent Homes participates in the Finland and Ukraine International property shows

Levent Homes participated in the Finland International Property show in Helsinki Finland and also Ukraine International property show in Kiev.

Ukraine Show

LEFKE, Cyprus - April 29, 2016 - PRLog -- Sales and Marketing Director for Levent Homes Ricardo Severini said that North Cyprus is relative new market for the Finish People, we participated not looking for clients, but to educate them on North Cyprus And the potential there is for investment to be made in the Island. Clients from the show where overwhelmed on how the prices are 4 to 5 times less than buying in Spain, where most of the Finish clients Invests. Ukraine property show was different story as the clients were already aware of North Cyprus and has been buying here for years. The property show was a success as many clients from the show has already booked inspections trips to come see the projects Levent Homes has to offer. They were even more impressed in both countries how Levent Homes has such easy payment plans and great projects for Investment and Holiday homes such as: Abelia Residence with 25% down, 0 payments for 3 years till completion with 15% rental guarantee for 2 years. Sugar Cube Villas and Bogaz Villas both already completed with 25% down and 36 month payment plan with 0% interest. Also that we can offer 10 years mortgages to foreign nationals. We are the only ones in the North Cyprus offering such easy access to have a your dream home in the sun, Levent homes is sure to have a great summer in sales! Next for Levent Homes is the Chinese International property show in Beijing in the first week in May, where Levent Homes will show the beauty of North Cyprus and the great investment potential there is to be made. visit:

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